Krystal’s Stolen Breakfast.

Just a quick story of my recent experiences.

Sometime in the afternoon I felt a bit peckish and seeing the remains of a weeks worth of shopping I started to see what I could make/have.

Upon seeing a half eaten packed of turkey lunch meat, gears turned in my head as I thought back to a morning staying at Miss Lolly’s place where she made one egg turkey omelettes. *Light-bulb* so digging around for whatever I could find I got to work.

Of course being the special brand of genius I am, (read: insane) a lot of the things I have in the fridge aren’t your normal things. and being cooped up in the house I have run out of the normal things.

So, instead of milk in the egg I used up the rest of my aioli, instead of spring onion I used thyme.

Both worked bizarrely well and scrounging around a little deeper wondering what would go well with a turkey omelette… I spy cranberry sauce. (note: use sparingly, the amount I used was perfect you just want a couple of small blobs here and there, you still want it to be savoury)

It went down a treat, granted I’m the only one here and I wouldn’t have eaten it if it was bad…

I guess The moral of this story is; A lack of food only forces creativity.

Don’t be afraid to experiment you never know what will really work until you try it.



PS: If anyone knows what to do with a butt load of thyme leave me comments. I still have to do *something* with it.

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