Jessie Steele – designer kitchen apparel

“Jessie Steele’s vintage-inspired hostess and kitchen aprons prove true the old adage that beauty and style are timeless. Influenced by the romantic visions of a bygone era and designed in vibrant colors, flirty patterns, and figure flattering shapes, these fine quality retro-chic cooking aprons make the perfect fashion accessory in or out of the kitchen.”

The Jessie Steele designer collection is by far, my favourite line of coordinating kitchen apparel. They stock beautiful vintage, retro inspired matching oven mitts, tea-towels, tote bags, pot mitts, and aprons. I myself have a red and white polka dot apron set with matching oven mitts, and the set itself is adorable .. and I am now interested in purchasing another set… but which one to choose?? Decisions. Decisions.They have appeared in television shows such as Desperate Housewifes, Oprah and Sex in the City.

There are multiple designs available ranging from chefs aprons, childrens aprons and hostess aprons (which are my definite favourite). The patterns are what make these aprons amazing, I think. Cupcakes, cherries, polka dots, anchors, gingham, check, lace, fruit, floral.. there are so many to choose from. But the thing I love the most about this range is their oven mitts. They are super comfortable and really thick, but not too thick so that its awkward to grab hot items out of the oven. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for good quality oven mitts.

And!! as of recently, they have started creating beautiful rubber gloves. Usually I would say that the words “beautiful” and “rubber gloves” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence… UNTIL NOW. So thanks to Jessie Steele you can now wash the dishes and do the cleaning, whilst looking like a beautiful 70’s housewife. LOL đŸ˜›

Personally I believe that these are a great price. An apron is about $33.00, oven mitts $13.00, pot mitt $6.00, rubber gloves $11.00 and a set of three coordinating tea towels is $20.00. And its not very often you have to buy a new apron, they last for ages and they are useful in the kitchen, in the garden and doing craft. I may just purchase a few extra to give to people at Christmas and maybe a good gift next year for Mothers Day…
Here are my favourites…

Marylin Black & White Convertible Apron
Sophia Lollipop Hostess Apron
Courtney Kitchen Cherry Apron
Audrey Diner Cupcake Bib Apron

and the one I own…

Josephine Red & White Polka Dot Apron

For more information on the Jessie Steele range of kitchen apparel check out their website

Do it.. Bring out your inner housewife.

Lolly x

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  1. Thanks to your great review I am now purchasing an apron, the only problem is I don’t know which one to chose! Thanks for posting!



    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Oh awesome. Yeah I love these, I doubt I will buy any other brand of apron from now on!! These are so cute.


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