Ambrosia Cupcakes

“In ancient Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food, of the gods, conferring ageless immortality upon whomever consumes it.”

Ambrosia Cupcakes, is run and owned by 29 year old, super mum of three, Jayme and has been Brisbane based and operational since January 2011. Since January this year alone, Jayme has already cooked over 10,000 cupcakes for a variety of corporate events, weddings, special occasions and birthday parties. Each cupcake is individually hand crafted, using only local ingredients that Jayme sources herself from local farmers markets. She says “We use real flavours in our cupcakes, no essences, as we feel that nothing can match the fresh taste of real fresh and local ingredients.” As head cupcake creator, and owner Jayme serves “Only the best! I want to serve something that not only looks gorgeous but tastes awesome. I hate it when you have something that looks beautiful but doesn’t taste as beautiful.”

As a little girl Jayme attended CWA (Country Womens Asscociation) meetings with her beloved Nana and wondered how these lovely ladies created such beautiful pieces of bakers artistry. Since then, Jayme has self taught herself by watching videos, reading books and practice, practice, practice. After being convinced by close friends and family, Jayme started Ambrosia Cupcakes as a way to change professions and follow her passion for baking beautiful cupcakes. “Its very hard to find a cupcake that not only looks great but tastes great as well. This is something that we have mastered as our cupcakes both look and taste fantastic. I have been producing my creations for family and friends’ special occasions for years, and now I want everyone in Brisbane to taste what we are offering. I am extremely happy with what I have perfected and I’m sure the people of Brisbane will agree” says Jayme.

Currently Ambrosia Cupcakes is only trading online and cooking in a commercial kitchen, but are hoping in 2012 to have a shopfront close to the Brisbane CBD. 

Quick Questions !!
1. What is your favourite cupcake ?
–  Coconut &Lime with Cream Cheese Icing because it’s refreshing, flavoursome and reminds me of a beautiful beach in Thailand. (I tasted this cupcake and it was super yum!!)
2. What is your favourite ingredient ?
– Lime – its such a strong flavour.
3. What is your favourite kitchen utensil, tool or appliance ?
– My Mixmaster! Its so versatile and takes the labour out of cooking.
4. Where do you get your inspiration from ?
– My husband, children and books.
5. What is the most cupcakes you have ever made ?
– I recently made 400 State of Origin cupcakes for a school fundraiser. Each blue or maroon cupcake was topped with coloured icing and a jersey topper made by me out of sugar.
6. How much time and effort go into your cupcake creations ?
– Each cupcake is handcrafted, especially the sugar animals. These can take up to 2-3days to make, I believe that a child’s birthday should be extravagant and memorable. Therefore a lot of time and effort goes into each and every one to make sure it is perfect.
7. What is your favourite cuisine ?
– Asian
8. What is your favourite food or meal ?
– Thai Pumpkin Curry from Vege-Rama
9. What is your favourite place to dine out in BrisVegas ?
– Garuva, Fortitude Valley, they serve the best babaganoush 🙂
10. What are your thoughts on sustainable living in Australia ?
–  All Australians need to start being sustainable to produce hearty long term crops. There is nothing more rewarding than owning your own vege patch, watching the kids picking the fruits and vegies and then using them in your own cooking.

My thoughts :- Well, what can I say… These cupcakes were beautiful and for someone whose not the biggest fan of cake, thats a massive statement. Each cake that I tried was deliciously moist, dense and fluffy all at the same time. The coconut and lime cake was delightful – the flavours were fresh and unlike anything I have ever tasted in a cupcake. However, my favourite was the Carrot Cupcake.. OhMyGod!! Super Moist, beautifully flavoured and the texture was fabulous. This cake for me, hands down, was the best. What I loved most about these cakes, was their unviersal uniformity. They were all the same size and the piping of the icing was perfect – it had just the right amount of body to be firm, but super moist and fluffy which I looove. The icing was like a little bit of heaven in the mouth, beautifully creamy and packed full of flavour. Also, when eating these cupcakes, you can tell that the flavours are REAL.. especially when it came to the vanilla cake with berry icing.. all those little berry pieces were bliss and tasted amazing. Overall, I would highly reccommend Ambrosia Cupcakes to anyone, for whatever the occasion.  

If you are interested in Ambrosia Cupcakes for your next event, then checkout for more information, pricing and customer testimonials 🙂

❤ Lolly.x

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Matthew says:

    I love cupcakes!! I want to try her cupcakes. Great blog lolly.


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Thanks Emma. Her cupcakes were delightful and I am not the biggest fan of cake. lol.
      10 / 10 from me 😀 Maybe contact her about Rainbow Brite Cupcakes ???


  2. Ditty lady says:

    Carrot cake cupcake was a winner 🙂


  3. BlondeBomber says:

    oh my gosh, these are some of the best cupcakes ever! I love all of the ornate designs!! I want to attempt making something like some of these one day.


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Yes, they are pretty amazing. Make sure to check out their website.


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