Lee Korean BBQ House

I have had my eyes on this eaterie for a while now. Overtime I have walked past it whilst grocery shopping it is always full, or there is a massive line outside. I’ve been especially been keen to go there lately as I am going through a phase – asian cuisine.

So, after reading multiple reviews on the interweb, I decided to take some initiative and take my beautiful man out on a date – and off to the Lee Korean BBQ House we went, with our little man in tow. The BBQ House is on the main strip of Pinelands Plaza at Sunnybank Hills. It is covered in asian inspired wooden embellishments. As we walked in, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous smell of so many different meats frying. Over each table hangs a slender flexible rangehood covering what seems to be a metallic covered hole in all the tables. Bart and I were greeted pleasantly by all the staff, we even heard voices from those staff who were in the kitchen. We sat down, asked for a high chair for Parker, strapped him in and then spent the next ten or so minutes perusing the menu. After discussing with Bart what we would eat, a beautifully dressed waitress, who seemed a little blunt and distant, approached us and took our order; chilli chicken, pork belly, vegetables and a marinated beef hot pot, oh, and a peach ice tea (I am such a sucker for peach ice tea).

Within ten minutes, we were served. Two beautiful square platters of pork belly slices and marinated chilli chicken arrived at our table, along with our hot pot, vegetables and six plates of different condiments; including seaweed, marinated pickled cabbage, a korean spiced jelly, mash, a small salad consisting of iceberg lettuce and purple cabbage dressed in a sweet tangy vinagerette and two small sauce bowls containing the most beautifully thin dipping sauce. The beef hotpot came in a stone bowl, similar to that of a mortar and pestle. It was gently simmering and bubbling away – which took me by surprise, but was most aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Moments later, one of the kitchen staff appeared with hot coals, he placed them in the circular dish in the middle of the table and then placed a grilling rack on top. After letting the rack heat up a little we placed several strips of pork belly and some marinated chicken to cook. Meanwhile, we tasted all the condiments. I cannot say I was he biggest fan of the seaweed, however the marinated pickled cabbage and korean jelly (both something I have never tried before) were nice; the spiciness and heat from the cabbage set my tastebuds in party mode and the gelatinous texture of the korean jelly was smooth and silky and acted kind of like a palate cleanser. My mouth is salivating as I think about the beautiful caramalization caused by the grill on the fat of the pork belly. Orgasmic even ?? What can I say ?? I really like pork belly. The chicken was great too. Not as good as the pork belly though, or maybe I am just bias ?

Slices of Pork Belly and Marinated Chilli Chicken
Side Salad, Korean Jelly and Dipping Sauce
My Side Salad and The Other Condiments – Pickled Cabbage, Dipping Sauce and Seaweed + (up the top) Marinated Beef Hot Pot
Mmmm BBQ
I Love The D.I.Y BBQ Concept 😀

Overall the food was fantastic. In total the pork belly, marinated chilli chicken, vegetables and beef hot pot (oh! and the peach ice tea) came to a total of $60.00. Personally, I think that this price is reasonable. Reasons being, the food was great, the DIY-BBQ concept is wicked and the staff were lovely – especially the manager doting over Parker every two minutes.The venue was clean and the atmosphere cheerful. I will surely returning 🙂

Lolly x.

Lee House Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

4 Comments Add yours

  1. You’re totally going to have to take me there.


  2. misslollylovesfood says:

    This is where I am taking you for our date ;-]


  3. Justine Giddy says:

    Went here 2 months ago. Over priced, Less than average service, Average food! But i did order the things you mentioned 🙂 but i never want to pay around $20 for a couple chicken thighs when they got for $8/kg plus i had to cook it myself anyway.


  4. misslollylovesfood says:

    Oh Really ?? Thats sad. When we went the service was great and the food was awesome. I’m going to go again really soon, I’ll update the review if things have changed. Oh.. and I like the whole cook it yourself idea 😀 Adds interest.


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