Peasants Food.

I grew up on a rather tight budget and to make food stretch a little further mum used to make a lot of very hearty food that could always be turned into something else the next night so a lot of mince got turned from spaghetti into pies. Last night’s mashed potato and roast pumpkin? Refried in butter and turned into bubble and squeak in the morning. This is a recipe to do with leftover sausages (sometimes made fresh as it’s so quick and easy)

***Sausage Shepherds Pie***

½ kilo sausages

One onion sliced into half rings

Two tomatoes cut chunkily.

Beef stock.

1½ cups water. (If using liquid stock omit the water)


3-4 good-sized potatoes.

Two Tbs butter

½ cup Milk or Cream

1 cup grated cheese

**Preheat oven 180 degrees

Brown sausages in frying pan

Take sausage out of frying pan and cut into 3cm pieces

Brown onions then re-add sausage

Turn down heat to simmer and add tomato water and beef stock simmer for 5 minutes

Mix a table-spoon of cornflower with a cup of water and slowly add to the bubbling sausages.

Set sausage mixture aside steam or boil Potatoes until soft ,add butter and cream to potatoes and mash until desired consistency is reached.

Pour sausages into a baking dish, top with mashed potato, sprinkle with cheese and put in oven until cheese has melted and browned. Serve immediately.

It’s quick and easy and will very easily disguise all sorts of vegetables for the kiddies.

Ciao, Krys.

PS: Mum’d be proud.

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