Beef & Basil Cream Tartlets with Balsamic Roast Tomatoes.

There are a few things i’m a sucker for first is roast tomatoes i don’t like them fresh but put them in the oven for an hour and they’re heaven.

second is miniature tart shells they’re adorable and you can do almost anything with them.

The third is thinly sliced steak, it came about when i found an awesome recipe for beef en croute it just got better from there.

The fourth is basil. when i was a teenager (and sometime today) i used to put straight basil paste on bread and eat it like that. sometimes i’d even put the bread under the griller but it was always amazing.

So while out shopping and spying a series of pastry cases in various shapes (keep an eye out there’ll be a post about sweet cones later) I had to grab some despite my grandmother complaining that pastry shells taste like cardboard.

I never thought i’d have to explain that the filling provides the flavour..

So i digress.

**Roast Balsamic Tomatoes***

Cut one tomato per pastry shell into halves and put onto a flat baking tray covered by baking paper. drizzle a small amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the halves and put in the oven for about 45mins at 150 degrees. these can be done in advance.

***Basil Cream***

This will fill 12 cases halfway almost perfectly.

1/2 cup cream

1TBS Basil paste

1/2 TSP Vegetable stock

Add ingredients together and whisk cream until thickened. be careful not to overwhip the cream otherwise it’ll turn into a basil butter. which will go well with a lot of things just not this recipe.

***Thinly Sliced Steak***
Fry a steak until medium rare/medium leave to rest in the oven for about 5mins then using a sharp knife cut against the grain of the meat as thinly as possible.

***Arranging The Tartlets***
Set out the tart cases, using a small spoon, spoon out the basil cream evenly.

place on a couple of slices of the thinly sliced steak  and top with two tomato halves each.

Each thing can be made a day in advance and make a fantastic quick canepe

I’ll post pictures when my camera wants to communicate with my computer.



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