teriyaki glazed salmon with miso soba noodles

Salmon is beautiful, providing it is cooked properly. This dish would make an easy dinner party main. Its quick, simple, fresh and tasty.. all you want when you are cooking for the masses 😀 

– 1/4 mirin
– 1/4 soy sauce
– 70g of firmly packed brown sugar
– 4 salmon steaks, skin on
– 1 small red chilli, sliced finely
– 1 red onion, cut into eighth wedges
– 3 packets of miso paste – made according to instructions
– 2 cloves of garlic, smooshed
– 2cm piece of ginger, sliced finely
– 2 spring onions, cut into 5cm lengths and sliced thinly lengthways
– 1 good handful of snow peas, seam and tops removed
– 1 bunch of broccolini, cut into 4cm stalks and small florets
– 4-5 baby corn spears, sliced on the diagonal in inch long pieces
– 2 bunches of soba noodles
– 1 lime, cut into wedges

1. Make the teriyaki sauce – combine sugar, garlic, ginger, mirin and soy in a large bowl – whisk until thoroughly combined. Add this and onion to a small saucepan and simmer until slightly thickened. Put sauce aside to cool.
2. Remove all visible bones and fatty tissue from the salmon and place in a large bowl.
3. Once the sauce has cooled completely pour over salmon, cover and place in the fridge for a couple of hours. The longer you leave it, the better it will taste. Rotate the salmon every hour so that you get even coverage.
4. Place prepared miso in a sauce pan and leave on a gentle simmer until ready for use. Quickly stirfry the veggies in a hot wok, but be careful not to over cook them – you want them a beautiful bright green and a tad under cooked 😀
5. Place the sliced spring onions in a bowl and cover with water. Place this bowl in the freezer. When the water and spring onions become super cold the lengths will curl – and they look awesome – this is mainly for presentations sakes.
6. In a large saucepan full of boiling water cook soba noodles according to packet instructions.
7. Heat up a large skillet to a medium to hot heat. Drizzle with a little oil. Score the salmon skin, lengthwise, but be careful not to score into the flesh too much. Once the skillet is hot, place the salmon in, skin side down and weigh it down with a heavy based saucepan. When the salmon hits the pan, it wants to curl, if it does curl you won’t get crispy skin and the flesh will cook unevenly.
8. Cook salmon skin side down for two minutes, then turn and cook for a further 3-4 minutes or until you have reached your level of doneness – PLEASE don’t over cook it though, I like to leave a slight pale tinge to the middle.
9. Place a twirl of cooked noodles in a deep bowl. Top with an even array of veggies. Then pour two ladels of hot miso over. Remove and drain the spring onion curls from the water and set aside.
10. Once the salmon is cooked, place skin side up on top of the noodles, broth and veggies. Sprinkle with chilli slices and spring onion curls and serve immediately with a lime wedge.

– Serves 4. It is essential that this dish is served hot !!

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