Tuckeria, The Valley

I’ve been dying to take my girlfriends here since my man took me here one Monday for lunch. I luuuurve mexican food. And like I have mentioned in plenty of other posts I like mexican food that doesn’t have a layer of oil on the top, or that of the sort that comes out of a packet. Give me fresh, wild, comfort flavours any day over the store-bought crap. So when someone says to you “Oh.. you have to try this mexican place!!” your immediate thought is what ? I know mine was .. “Uhhh.. I dunno” – this is due to the fact that my last couple experiences of mexican eateries have been horrible. On the odd occasion for about two months, my partner would come home from work and tell me about these “Epic” burritos he had been having. “Packed full of everything”, “Slow cooked meat”, “Massive”, “Filling” – just some of the adjectives he was using. By this time, he had me interested. So when I had some errands to run in the Valley, I invited myself and my little on a free lunch date with my man in his lunch break. His shout of course. OMG LUNCH WAS AWESOME – sadly I lost all my photos of my first visit – DEVASTATED 😥 but I decided to arrange another lunch date, this time including Krystal and my beloved other boyfriend Robbie.

Heres how it went… in photo form..

Tuckeria, Central Brunswick Plaza
Central Brunswick Plaza, 421 Brunswick St, Fortitude ValleyO.M.G !! So excited
Ze Menu
Service Counter


Krystal and Bart Ordering Lunch


Jarritos - "authentic Mexican soda" - I had to have one, so did Krystal


Our Wonderful Server – Leonardo !

So this is what we ordered –

Tortilla Chips + Dips + Guac (extra) - $5 + $2.50
Jarritos, Corona (for Bart) and Chips and Dip - what better way to start a feast !
Krystal and I enjoying our tangy Guava Jarritos - $4/ea
My Pork Burrito - flour tortilla, shredded pork, mexican rice, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa, sour cream and avocado - $15
Krys Chicken California Burrito - flour tortilla, chicken, potato chips, fresh tomato salsa, cheese, guacamole, sour cream - $14.80
My Burrito - with hottttttttt sauce 😀 It was fantastic. I couldn't stop lathering it on

You might think that $15.00 is a lot to fork out for a burrito and don’t get me wrong, I first did too. But Tuckerias burritos are suprisingly filling – which means you don’t need to fork out for a side of chips. They also use all super fresh ingredients and herbs which adds maximum impact for maximum flavour. The thing I think I love most about these burritos is the lack of oily greasy residue.

The staff were lovely – we were originally sitting outside, when out of no where, it started to pour down with rain, so Leonardo our server wiped down two tables for us and moved us inside 🙂 Oh, and the service was great, everyone seemed happy to be there, the boys were always smiling and they certainly didn’t mind that I was being a photo whore, with my camera out every 2seconds.

As we were leaving, I spotted these under construction …


Then they were deep fried –

Add some salad.
Some sour cream, avocado and fresh tomato salsa
and VIOLA! Freshly cooked Flautas!!

I’ve decided that when I return to Tuckeria – which is quite possibly next Monday, a plate of Flautas is what I will be getting. I will eat my way through Tuckeria’s menu, one plate at a time 😀

Peace Out.
Lolly x x

Tuckeria Fresh Mexican

Tuckeria Fresh Mexican

Tuckeria Fresh Mexican on Urbanspoon

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  1. wheres the pictures of the food?? i take it this is good, cant wait to give it a go.


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Hi There, THX for the comment.. wordpress was having issues when I originally posted this review. But finally its back to normal 😀


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