eatdrinkblog – part 1.. friday nite dinner @ Mizuya

Krys and I woke up early Friday morning – mainly so we could finish packing, get Parker ready and be at the airport early for a few sneaky beverages. We started the day off with this awesome deluxe breakfast..

Toasted Croissants with Gruyere, Double Smoked Ham and Tomato and a Fresh Fruit Salad

Parker joined us too.

Parker Bear chowing down on some of our brekky.

We left for the airport just under an hour later. Thinking we had packed everything, it wasn’t until Airport Drive, that Krys says “Wheres my phone?”. There was a moment of hysteria in the car, trying to look through bags, under seats, in car doors. It was no where to be found. Or heard (when I tried to ring it). We had to ask our dear friend Mr. M to pull over so we could check the boot. AHA! WIN We found it. Thank God! and we were back on our way.

We checked in. Went through the security checkpoint, and headed up to the Airport Bar. I am not a very good flyer, so I thought a drink would help me calm my nerves.

CHAMPAGNE !! Oh yes!

We then boarded soon after. There were multiple Hi-5’s happening as we were glad that today had finally come. Months of preparation and planning – oh and saving, had finally paid off ūüôā

Whilst¬†on the plane, we ordered another drink each and a sandwhich of the ‘new and improved’ inflight menu, which was pretty delicious. Krystal and I also watched a really cool episode of ‘The Cook and The Chef’ featuring artichokes and Jamie Olivers Home show, giggling at his poor use of grammar.

Krys and I arrived in Sydney at about 2.30pm. It was a beautiful day. We caught two trains and conquered a massive hill with all our luggage to arrive at Mitchells house. Meet Mitch.. Mitch is Barts best and closest friend and our sons godfather who recently moved to Sydney for work.

Mitchs’ Signature Pose.. Oh I miss you already !!

Anyway, I had organised us and a few other boys to goto dinner at Mizuya after reading an awesome review on Billy Laws’ blog, A Table For Two. Mizuya is amazing. There are rows and rows of different sized booths and the coolest thing is YOU ORDER FROM A TOUCH SCREEN !! I just thought this was innovative and amazing. The atmosphere was cheerful and it looked pretty busy.

Oh where to start.. Drinks ?! Sadly we missed happy hour by five minutes.. but nevertheless we drank anyway!

First things first.. TEST TUBE SHOTS !! ūüėÄ ZOMG!!

Test Tube Shots – $18.00
Test Tube Shots – $18.00

Sadly I was¬†disappointed that there was no test tubes involved when these arrived.¬†They were¬†still yummy though. Krystal ordered a ‘Ginger Ninja’ – a concoction of “homemade ginger jam mixed with lemon juice, vodka and gin shochu”. It was pretty amazing.

Ginger Ninja – $12.00

I ordered a Mojito. Simple and classic. And uber refreshing. (Is uber even a word.. if not, I’m sorry)

Mojito – $14.00

Robbie ordered a bowl of edamame beans with fried chilli, fried garlic and stir fried in soy sauce. These were delicious.

Edamame Beans – $4.80

Then the rush started. I decided I was going to be the touch screen boss. I was in charge. All of a sudden I was pressing buttons left right and centre. The boys, oh and Krystal were pointing out things and I was pressing buttons. So bear with me here ..

Mitch first requested Duck Giblets Kushiyaki Рtwo chargrilled duck giblet skewers. He nor anyone else at our table knew what gibblets were, but he ran with it anyway. Note Рaccording to google/yahoo giblets are the heart, liver and gizzards.. mmm YUMMY??

Duck Giblet Kushiyaki – $3.80

Which he then followed with Chicken Liver Kushiyaki – two chargrilled chicken liver skewers.

Chicken Liver Kushiyaki – $3.80

Krys then ordered some Duck Breast Kushiyaki Рtwo chargrilled duck breast skewers.

Duck Breast Kushiyaki – $6.80

I ordered the¬†Pork Belly Kushiyaki –¬†¬†chargrilled pork belly skewers. It was simple and I thought it was a good starter.¬†Also the lemon wedge was a nice touch and tasted great with the miso paste.

Pork Belly Kushiyaki – $3.80

I then each ordered a plate of Crispy Chicken Skin – deep fried chicken skin and Krystal a plate of Crispy Salmon Skin – deep fried salmon skins. The chicken skin was like a hybrid of pork crackling and popcorn – a wonderful combination hey ?¬†Where as the salmon skins were just bizzare and I wasn’t too sure if I was a fan.

Crispy Chicken Skin – $4.80 & Crispy Salmon Skin- $4.80

Oh !! And my new found love.. Wakame Salad – seaweed salad seasoned with sesame oil, sesame seeds and chilli. Krystal has got me totally hooked on this. It is the perfect balance of salty, sweet and this one had a little bit of spice. Plus as an added bonus acted as the perfect pallate cleanser after the crispy chicken skin.

Wakame Salad – $3.80

From here on in, it becomes a little blurry. I think the beers we had at Mitchells house, the two lots of test tube shots we ordered and the mojito and ginger ninja cocktails are starting to take effect. Luckily I took photos hey !? Haha.

So we had a break then scrolled the menu some more.. Pressed some more buttons and heres what arrived at our booth.

Per Krystals advice, Mitch ended up ordering some Takoyaki – deep fried octopus ball dumplings.

Takoyaki – $5.80

As well as the Grilled Ox Tongue. I chose not to play part in this one ūüė¶

Grilled Ox Tongue $12.80

Robbie and Kade ordered their second lot of Quail Egg Kushiyaki – hard boiled quail egg skewers. Krystal got some too.

Quail Egg Kushiyaki

My darling Krys then also ordered Scallop Kushiyaki – chargrilled scallop skewers. She loves scallops. But from memory, I don’t think she was too impressed with them. The roe was left on, and they weren’t very tasty, like they had been a tad over cooked.

Scallop Kushiyaki – $6.80

Which was then followed by Cheese Kushiage – deep fried crumbed cheese skewers. I literally felt my ateries clogging up with liquid gold. These were pretty amazing, but I highly suggest that you don’t have too many.

Cheese Kushiage – $4.80

Spicy Soft Shell Crab ūüėÄ Which was delicious, but wasn’t near as spicy as I would have liked.

My dearest, Robbie then followed this with a delicious Lychee Caprioska and a bowl of Clam Miso Soup. It was clamtastic ūüėõ

Lychee Caprioska – $14.00
Clam Miso – $4.80

As we were scrolling thru the menu, Krystal screams “Sashimi!! I must have it”. And she did. It was by far the most expensive item we had ordered by far, but it was definately beautifully presented and it was the freshest sashimi I had ever tasted. Definately worth the money. [Sadly the photo I took does not do this dish justice].

Sashimi (Main) – scallop, kingfish, whitefish, salmon, tuna & cuttlefish – $26.00

Seeings as everybody was still eating, I then decided to order MORE food. It all started with the lotus chips – deep fried lotus root seasoned with sea salt. OMG NOMMMMMMM! These tasted like a fresh potato crisp hot from the fryer. Delish! Probably not very good for you though.

Lotus Root Chips – $4.80

Pork gyoza – japanese style homemade pork panfried dumplings. I am a sucker for dumplings, wontons, gyoza etc.. I definately expected more from these however.

Pork Gyoza – $6.80 (6)

and … sizzling garlic prawns and a festive strawberry daqueri. YUM

Sizzling Garlic Prawns – $15.00
Strawberry Daqueri – $13.00

We then finalized our banquet with a dessert platter featuring a Green Tea Creme Brulee and a slice of Japanese Baked Cheesecake – it was all kinds of amazing. Sadly this didn’t last long enough for me to take a photo.

Overall, Mizuya is amazing. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s different. I honestly don’t think this would be¬†the place that you take someone for a romantic date as the venue is a little noisy due to the booths being so close together, but the atmosphere is very friendly and cheerful. We all thought the prices for dishes (and drinks) were reasonable the only flaw in their menu and service we could find however was the lack of organisation. Plates upon plates were rolling onto our table, magically appearing out of thin air. It wasn’t until we realised that the waiters and waitresses drop them off and leave; without telling you what you are being served. Other than that as a real complaint and downer, I highly suggest if you are in the area, give them a go. Its wicked fun. Just don’t go overboard like we did.. otherwise you might end up with a bill in the high three hundreds. And you know what? We don’t regret a cent of it! Haha.

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke
614 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Sunday – Thursday
11:30am – midnight
Friday – Saturday
11:30am – 2:00am

Tel +61 (2) 9266 0866
Fax +61 (2) 9266 0855

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke on Urbanspoon

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  1. Uber is german for super.


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    Thanks Scarface ūüėÄ One down, three to go. Ugh.


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