cajun chargrilled corn on the cob

Although some people think that corn on the cob is high maintenance to eat, I think its fab. I served as a side to cajun beer can roasted chicken with pan-fried asparagus and roasted baby roma tomatoes.

– 4 corn cobs
– 2 tablespoons of cajun seasoning
– salt
– pepper
– olive oil
– finely chopped parsley for sprinkling
– dried chilli flakes (optional)

1. Place a griddle or skillet pan on your stove on a high heat and let it warm up whilst we make the marinade.
2. In a small mixing bowl or a coffee cup add the cajun seasoning, salt and pepper and enough olive oil to make a thin paste.
3. Using a pastry brush, paint the corn cobs all over with the marinade.
4. Chuck them on your skillet and cook, turning and basting often until it you start to get nice char grilled kernels all over. nom nom nom
5. Sprinkle with a generous amount of chilli and parsley and serve hot – with napkins and toothpicks!!

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