information day

Here is the first post of a mini-series I will be writing called… ummm, I’m not too sure what its going to be called yet. But here goes.

I attended an information session at the Southbank Institute of Tafe today about Certificate III in Patisserie.

Yes, I would like to become a pastry chef. Don’t Judge Me!!

Anyways, back to my story. Today I attended an information session. I had already filled out an application months ago but I really wanted to see the facilities and ask some more questions as the intake is not until February next year.

The facilities are awesome. Beautiful big commercial kitchens, with gas stoves, stainless steel bench tops, gigantic ovens, dishwashers. I was in awe. That place was huge. We toured throughout the different kitchens – bakers kitchens, meat or butchery kitchens, confectionary kitchen – this was my favourite – it was 15*C, marble bench tops, ice cream machines, fridges, freezers, kitchen aids… ahhhh Love!!

For those that are thinking, I didn’t know you wanted to become a pastry chef, my answer to you is.. neither did I. This idea only really sprung to me about a year ago. The thought of being an apprentice commercial cookery chef really scared me. Locking myself into an apprenticeship for 3-4years … eeeeeeeeeeeek! So I decided to conduct some further research.

Pastries? Pastry Chef? Patisserie? Aha!

Now, I am no lover of cake. For those who know me really well, I despise cake, it’s weird and it freaks me out. All that spongy texture really does confuse me. I’m sidetracking.

So yes, information session was fantastic. However due to popular demand of this course there are limited spaces available. When I say limited, I mean limited, something like 16 places. 150 applicants ?

I hope to find out soon if I made the cut!!
– if so, more posts to come about my learning experience.
– if not, you will have to wait (as will I) another 6months.. ugh 😦

Till Then,
keep it real homies.

Sorry I’m not gangsta..

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sefie says:

    Pastry is a great area! I just love all the stuff you get to play with, and nothing feels as good as working a good dough… ahh… now I want to make pie for lunch… Good luck getting into the course!


  2. Ben D says:

    Despite your aversions to all things cake, it is a fantastic course – and you will love it!
    Fingers crossed.


  3. misslollylovesfood says:

    Thanks Ben 😉


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