Sushi By Rail, Moorooka

I love sushi. Like really love sushi. I was introduced to this venue by a really close friend of mine. He comes here at least 2-3 times a week with his girlfriend or brothers. That’s a lot of sushi !!

I wanted something healthy for dinner tonite.. Bart suggested sushi. Awesome. Sushi it was. At our usual place. Sushi By Rail in Moorooka, Brisbane. This sushi restaurant is very similar to the Sushi Train chain, same plate colour price coordination system and a constant rotation of sushi plates slowly making their way around the service area. The only real difference is that the venue is smaller and there is no obscenely loud welcome yelled at you or anyone who walks through the door – which I find comforting. Customers also have the option of fresh to order take-away boxes, curries, bento-boxes and much more.  

Bart and I grab our usual peach ice tea each out of the drink fridge, a high chair for little man and then we are seated. I order my usual – mini chicken teriyaki don, tempura vegetable nigiri, grilled salmon nigiri and miso soup and vegetarian spring rolls for Parker. I always order something I usually wouldn’t eat too.. so I also ordered a plate of ume kyu maki – cucumber and plum sauce. Bart was too hungry so he just grabbed some bowls off the rail. Each table is equipped with wasabi sachets, tubs of pickled ginger, napkins, an abundance of chopsticks, a menu, sauce bowls and Kikomen soy sauce. Kikomen is my favourite brand of soy sauce, it’s not as salty as other brands I have tried.

Within minutes half of our ordered meals arrived.

The tempura vegetable nigiri ($3.40) was delicious. The tempura batter was crispy and light and the vegetables inside were still a little firm, just how it should be. The little drizzle of Sushi By Rail’s shop-made teriyaki sauce, kewpie mayonnaise and spring onion slices were divine. 

tempura vegetable sushi
When the ume kyu maki ($2.90) arrived, I must admit I was a little disappointed. I pictured thin slices of cucumber, but what arrived was the complete opposite – thick chunks of cucumber. Now, I am a huge fan of cucumber, but I personally think that this dish would have worked a lot better if the cucumber was delicately sliced.

Next up, grilled salmon nigiri ($3.80). Where to start ?? This is by far, my favourite sushi dish at the moment to eat at any sushi restaurant. I find if they cannot get this right, then its most likely that I won’t be returning. The boys in the kitchen do a wonderful grilled salmon nigiri. The top is smokey and slightly char cooked using a blow torch and the underneath moist and raw. Served with just a smidgen of kewpie mayonnaise and homemade teriyaki sauce, oh and sliced spring onions. Bart ended up ordering some too. For someone who is no real big fan of pink salmon, Bart looooooved it. WIN!!
grilled salmon sushiShortly after devouring the above plates, Parker’s spring rolls ($3.80) and miso arrive. Nom Nom Nom.
Ahhhh then my teriyaki chicken don arrived ($11.00). I cannot begin to explain how much I love this sauce. My close friend (who introduced us to this sushi bar) has been trying to get the recipe for months but to no avail. Chefs Secret. DAMN !! Its finger licking good. The sauce is thick, sweet and tangy with a beautiful sheen and it covers the chicken thigh pieces wonderfully. This is a dish that I highly recommend.
After multiple plates of sushi..
we departed.. bellies full and very satisfied.

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  1. Jacqui says:

    If you ever come up to Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza try the Cherry Blossom Sushi place on the RiverWalk…. Wonderful Vege Tempura Sushi there!
    Thank you for your post and I will def try the Grilled Salmon as I am not normally a fan of raw fish. Cheers and happy Sushi eating 🙂


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