Flute, Coorparoo

A few girlfriends and I have had brekky at Flute before. And its Unreal!!

But today, we were thinking Lunch.

My advice to you regarding seating at Flute, is call in advance because tables fill quickly. It’s quite popular. Here’s why:
1. Service – awesome
2. Food – fantastic
3. Atmosphere – clean, crisp and cheerful.

What more could you ask for when having a girls lunch ? Or any other lunch or breakfast event for that matter.

As soon as we arrived, we were seated promptly. We decided to sit in their outside seating area as it was humid and muggy today. Our friendly waiter Sam quickly handed us some menus and wine lists and grabbed us a high chair for Parker. We all ordered coffee’s of some description; caramel latte for Krystal, latte for Ditty, cappuccino for Bianca and an iced coffee for me. Oh and we ordered a baby-cino for Parker. All coffee’s come with a couple of pieces of chocolate too 😀 WINNING!!! Just after we ordered our coffee’s we ran into an old friend who was grabbing a take-away chocolate milkshake (pictured below).

These coffees and baby-cino were quickly followed with lunch orders.

Bianca ordered the Sichuan salt and pepper calamari served with a light asian salad.
Bianca let me have a taste and I must say, this is some of the best calamari I have ever eaten. It was incredibly tender.

Ditty ordered the steak sandwich served with a side of chips and aioli. Which she has eaten three times already this week. She had been raving about it for ages.
Now, I just have to clear something up. Ditty is not a red meat-eater. Actually – that’s a lie. She will eat mince, in spaghetti or lasagna – she’s Italian, it’s in her blood. But she will not eat chunks of meat. Absolutely refuses. So for her to consecutively in three days order the same steak sandwich, must mean its good, right?? Actually, it was fabulous. The steak was incredibly tender, the foccacia bread was crispy and doughy, the chips were crisp and the aioli had a great tang to it too.

Krystal ordered the duck confit and slow cooked pork belly tortillas, served with a sweet plum sauce, side salads, avocado and peppered lemon.
I personally don’t have too much to say about this dish, as I didn’t taste it. I did think that placing the meat on top of the tortillas and drizzling sauce over the top isn’t the greatest idea as the construction of the tortilla can be a little difficult. Soggy tortilla = sad Lolly. But ask Krystal her opinion 😉

For lunch I decided to go with the marinated rare beef salad, with avocado, danish fetta, and a roasted pepper salad.

Generally speaking, this dish was great. The beef was rare, juicy and delicious. However I was a little put off by the enormous chunks of fetta and the pile of half mashed avocado on top. Would I order this again?? YES!

Overall, our experience was fantastic. Sam, our waiter, serviced all of our needs, even when I asked him if I could have a glass of milk for a bottle for Parker, and it was FREE !! What a champ! Hi-5 Sam!!

One Sunday morning, if you are keen for a wonderful breakfast, or a good lunch goto Flute. I hope you have a great experience. The food is great, the prices are very reasonable, the service was remarkable.

Do it.

This weekend??

Try it!

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