Cream Patisserie Boulangerie, Coorparoo

After dining at Flute for lunch, we decided to stop by the Cream Patisserie for a naughty snack. The girls and I were eyeing off their delicious pastries from our table, with our mouths watering, we could not resist. Plus as a wanna be pastry chef, I thought to myself, it would be silly of me not to, right??
We chose to sit inside this time, as it just started to rain heavily outside and was tad bit cold. The girls ordered another coffee, but I decided to run with a japanese lime green tea.
Bianca also chose a shortbread biscuit, Krystal chose the strawberry mousse charlotte and I a lime tart.
Now, I have eaten at Cream before. I must say that the last time I was at Cream, the service and the food was one hundred times better. First off, my lime tart did not arrive until 15minutes after the girls desserts arrived, when really all the staff really had to do was grab it out of the front display cabinet. The lime that apparently was my tart was non-existant, I couldn’t taste any lime at all and my girlfriends agreed. Krystals mousse in her strawberry charlotte tasted like artificial flavouring had been added. Biancas shortbread was dense and had the weirdest texture. The coffees that the girls ordered were burnt and bitter. Our waitress was a tad rude. AND cream pictured in the above photos was MOCK cream. ( I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I deteste mock cream ). Considering this we weren’t visiting Woolies I was surprised at the poor quality of these desserts.

In saying that, the venue is beautifully decorated. The atmosphere was lovely and my japanese lime green tea was unbelievable. Totally awesome!!

I am really disappointed that we had such a sad experience at Cream as I have been to this venue before and it was fantastic.

Maybe they were just having a bad day ??

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  1. Danika says:

    I doubt that it was a bad day. I used to be a devotee, but after several horrible experiences, and politely expressing our discontent to the woman who was in charge that day I have never been back. I am not sure if she was the manager or the owner but when we were trying to pay she asked how everything was and we told her that while we were happy to pay for my companion’s meal I was not as it was inedible and not as ordered and thus not eaten (we had discussed this when it arrived and I was basically told that that was all I was getting), the woman was abusive and rude. I will never go back there and I used to go a lot as I lived locally, had recommended it to many friends and, if it was still good, would drive from Nundah, where I now live, to go there.


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