Wasabi Warriors, Brisbane City

I have been eating A LOT of sushi lately. Some of it good. Some of it pathetic. But, if you are in the city anytime soon I highly reccommend that you swing by this brand spanking new sushi parlour on Queen Street – Wasabi Warriors.

wasabi warriors sushi queen street brisbane city

Wasabi Warriors is all about ‘Eat Good, Do Good, Feel Good’ – using 100% recyclable packaging, sourcing locally grown produce as much as possible and using free-range chickens and sustainable sources of fish and crab that all comply with the newest laws, codes and ethics acts.
As we walked in to Wasabi Warriors, we were really suprised how tiny it was. There were two benches for people to eat at, a condiment bar, a kiosk with register and display cabinets to hold the sushi. We decided to order some lunch then take it across the road to Anzac Square and eat it there, rather than the five + one baby take up space in such a small area. In the kiosk there is a a small condiment station and it is awesome. Usually you would be charged for condiments like pickled ginger, soy sauce or wasabi, but not here. Where to start on the sauces.. lemonsabi, mayosabi, misosabi, soysabi oh goodness!! I tried the mayo sabi and misosabi and they were both delicious. It’s definately something I would like to try and re-create at home.

With a menu devised by honourable  Master Sushi Chef, Hideo Dekura, Wasabi Warriors are a cut above the rest when it comes to flavour, quality and freshness. The sushi that I had the pleasure of eating for lunch was simply amazing. It was delicious and simply some of the nicest sushi I have ever tried. The rice was perfect, not gluggy and horrible, the fillings were flavourful and delicious and not one of my rolls fell apart. WIN!!

I ordered the rare beef roll, crab roll, , spicy chicken roll, duck roll and an avocado roll for my Parker Bear.

OH MY!! *drooooooooooooooooooooool*

My favourites – The Crab Roll and The Rare Beef Roll. The crab roll was utterly delicious.. AND IT WAS REAL CRAB MEAT, not that salty, artificial crap. The rare beef roll was amazing and the beef was beautiful and tender.

Do it. Try Wasabi Warriors for yourself.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Ohhhh, I love sushi. I am going to have to swing by if I ever go to the city during the day.


  2. Laura says:

    look great, ask them to use brown rice & they’ll really be a stand out.


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