Little Singapore, Sunnybank

Last night we had to farewell two of our good friends. They are leaving for greener pastures on the otherside of the country. So we thought a casual dinner was in order. But due to the fact that Christmas is around the corner, we all decided it had to be cheap. Sarah, the official organiser for this dinner, had suggested Little Singapore to me a week beforehand as she had dinner there a month ago with her hubby and girlfriend. She said it was cheap, the food was good and it’s not too far away from where we all live. Done. Sold. Lets Go.

So where to start ??

Little Singapore is situated in the ever so busy Market Square at Sunnybank, Brisbane. It is the new Chinatown. If you love asian cuisine, go here, NOT Chinatown in Fortitude Valley. There is everything from asian grocers, to butchers, to bakers, to bubble tea cafe’s, malaysian, sushi, chinese, korean, gift stores and more. Parking is pathetic so I suggest that if you are meeting up with some head there half an hour (MINIMUM) earlier to find a car space, otherwise, just head down a back street and park there.

Luckily Sarah has reserved us a table for 12 people. If she hadn’t of, we would have been waiting for a very long time. Little Singapore was packed and people were waiting to be seated. We were shown to our table, which was outside and we were thankful that it wasn’t inside as the tables were extremely close together. We also were given a high-chair for Master Parker.

As soon as we sat down we were given a beverage menu and dinner menu. I immediately ordered a cold peach tea, with tapioca pearls and tri-colour jelly. It was a nice change from my usual Lipton peach ice tea. However, when it came to the dinner menu, all twelve of us literally took 30minutes trying to decipher what dish was what. The pictures were smaller than a postage stamp and the quality was terrible and the pictured provided barely any description whatsoever. So really, it was a bit of touch and go, and a suprise when the meal arrived at our table. I ordered Singapore Fried Mee Hoon with Chicken ($11.20), Bart ordered Kung Po Chicken with Rice ($11.50) and I also ordered a side of Lobak? ($7.20) for Parker – not really having any idea what it actually was.

Our meals arrived promptly, BUT WITH NO CUTLERY. So we walked inside and helped ourselves. Poor service if you ask me.

My singapore noodles (pictured below) were delicious and the serving size RIDICULOUS!! Who can eat this amount of noodles ?? Really ?? I was however a little disappointed that there wasn’t more greens. Even Parker enjoyed the noodles.

sunnybank little singapore

Bart’s Kung Po Chicken dish was tasty. It was glossy, sweet and lots of vegies. It was rated as a 3/3 chilli rating but wasn’t really hot or spicy at all. But nonetheless was delicious. Please excuse the terrible photo, my camera decided to be un-cooperative.

Our lobak arrived a little later than the rest. It turned out to be a chicken or pork mince roll with vegtables and five spice wrapped in the most amazing flaky pastry ever. It was served with some sort of plum chutney/jam. Damn menu not having descriptions !!!! Delicious. Order it. Try it. I loved it.

Luckily, after our meals, our waitress gave us take-away containers to pack up the rest of our meals, so none was going to waste. 

For under $15.00 per meal, we were totally satisfied. The service may have not been the greatest, but the atmosphere was busy and charming and we had a lovely evening.

Check it out for yourself.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Justine Giddy says:

    i went here when it was called malaya then it burnt down but yeah amazing tasty huge servings of food back then too


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Malaya re-built.. they are back, at the start of Market Square 🙂 I haven’t been there yet, but hope too soon


  2. J says:

    I love their food, but find the old register lady to be extremely horrible to me and my partner every single time we go there without fail. She is just so plain rude. Recently we went there on the weekend and when the bill was way more than usual and we asked she replied “what? you dont know weekend and week day have different menu? 40% surcharge on weekends”. She must have meant “up to 40%” because some dish prices werent raised as much. We have always been nothing but polite to her, I just dont understand why she has to treat us like that. Because she is the only “lady” that works on the register we cant avoid her so we avoid the restaurant and refuse to go there again.


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Thanks for the comment J. I love their food too.. and it’s sad that their service is really weighing them down at the moment.


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