slooooow roasted lamb

Lamb would have to be my favourite meat. I’m not sure why, but it’s definately my comfort food, oh and so is slow cooked meals. Just remember: low and slow is how it goes! This rule pretty much applies to all meat too 😀 (majority of the credit goes to Barbara from – check out her blog!! She’s from Brizzy too :D)

roast lamb** Pre-heat oven to 230*C

– 1.5k lamb leg (at room temperature, as it causes less stress on the meat itself)
– rosemary, pulled into little sprigs
– garlic, each clove chopped into thirds
– 1/2 a lemon
– 1.5L vegetable stock
– salt and pepper

1. Trim all excess fat from the lamb, leaving the top ‘rind on’ so that the meat develops a lovely crust on top.
2. Make tiny incisions all over, stuffing each with some garlic and rosemary as you go.
3. Squeeze the juice from your lemon all over your meat.
4. Season well with salt and pepper.
5. Pop onto a roasting tray with an elevated rack, so that you get even heat distribution all over, and also so that the lovely juices pool at the bottom – we’ll use these later to create the most magnificent gravy.
6. Pour in half a litre of vegetable stock in the bottom of the pan.
7. Chuck into the oven for 45minutes. Then crank the temperature down to 100*C for the next 5hours. Checking that the vegetable stock does not run dry.
8. After about that time, remove the lamb from the oven. By this time, there should be a beautiful aroma that has filled your kitchen. Cover the meat with aluminium foil and rest for 30minutes before serving.

– You could use any combination of flavours, but for me – rosemary, lemon and garlic are always winners. I served this with J.O Potatoes and some roasted dutch carrots.

 To make the most incredible jus – or gravy…lamb jus

1. Pour all juices into a small sauce pan and crank the heat up until it boils.
2. Add one whole sprig of rosemary.
3. Add a good splash of a qood quality red wine. While you’re at it, pour yourself a glass too!! 
4. In a small bowl add one ladel ful of your gravy. In a coffee cup, mix together 1/4 cup of water and a heaped tablespoon of plain flour. Whisk in half of this mix into your bowl full of gravy and then combine this with whats in the pot.
5. Keep an eye on it and stir constantly making sure no lumps are forming.
6. Pour into a gravy jug and serve.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara says:

    Great job. It looks perfect. As do those potatoes. I often serve it with roasted peppers,zucchini,onions and a tzatziki sauce.


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Hi Barbara, next time I will shred the meat off and serve it with flat bread a greek salad and some tzatziki or a simple yoghurt and garlic sauce.


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