eatdrinkblog – part 3.. sunday night – Bamboo Dumpling Bar, Potts Point

Bamboo Dumpling bar has been on my ‘list’ ever since I read a review featured on he needs food. I had been interested in the Surry Hills location, but due to our hotel location and the fact we needed wheelchair access, Potts Point was our best option.

bamboo dumpling bar

I had organised with my other fellow blogger pal, Laura, from StarLoz to join us, as she was pretty keen for dumplings as well.

Something about dumplings that gets me.. Soft and silky outter skin, delicious various insides ahhhh.

After multiple emails back and forth from the dumpling bar staff, I had organised a table for 10, with a banquet #2 including one totally vegetarian option for Laura. This included:
– peking duck pancake
– bbq pork bun
– asian vegetable spring roll
– chilli prawn spring roll
– pork and chive dumpling
– edamame dumpling
– prawn gow gee
– shanghai soup dumpling
– chicken and water chestnut wonton
– bbq pork with soy fusion dressing
– salt and pepper squid with thai chilli sauce
– asian greens with oyster sauce and jasmine rice
… and all of this for $32.50/head.

As a venue, the Bamboo Dumpling Bar is very small. I think that’s what I like about it. It’s quirky and intimate at the same time 🙂 (P.S pretty please, excuse the terrible quality of these photos, I was having some technical difficulties with my camera)

bamboo dumpling bar potts pointWe were seated inside a small room adjacent to the kitchen. It was nice and a little secluded from the other tables. Within minutes we were being briefed on the menu by a fellow named Mitch.

Then boom.. the food started rolling out… One by one plates were filling our tables..

bamboo dumpling bar  

Due to all of the above containing meat, Laura’s alternatives were Salt and Pepper Tofu with a wasabi mayo & Steamed Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce and Fried Onion pieces.

It became a stuffy in our little dining room, so we moved to outside. I must admit, I think I enjoyed sitting outside more.. people walking past, the cool night breeze, the hum of the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross opening for another night of wild partying.

But still yet, more food was coming..

Just looking back on these photos makes me drool. For a dumpling bar, their dumplings were pretty good. I definitely wasn’t sold on the edamame bean dumpling. The texture was grainy and really unpalatable. I can definitely see me coming back just for plates of shanghai soup dumplings – those things are AMAYZING!! As well as the chicken and water chestnut dumpling!! Whoa! Outta this world delicious!!

I would also suggest (if you like tofu) to try the Salt and Pepper Tofu dish.. silky tofu, slightly crisp tempura batter, creamy wasabi mayo.. DELISH! And I could totally eat a whole plate of the bok choy to myself..

It was a fantastic evening! With old friends and new!

The food & service was great ! I cannot wait for my next trip to Sydney, next time I will try and get to the Surry Hills location, but if not Potts Point it is.
Bamboo Dumpling Bar on Urbanspoon

Signing out,
Lolly Gobbles


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  1. Is there anything better than gathering a few foodie friends and tucking into dumplings and gorgeous duck pancakes? Remember, theres a Bamboo Dumpling in Balmain as well, the only one I haven’t tried.
    Thanks for the link-up!


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