1 month to go..

So just under a month until I start my Certificate III Patisserie at Southbank Institute of Technology. Wow.

I am so un-organized. I have had my timetable and uniform/supplies list for nearly two months now and have not purchased one item. Nervous? Maybe. Fear? Possibly. Excited? Definitely.

I’m really overcome with emotion at the moment especially that of the possibility I might fail. But I am constantly reminding myself of what one of the teachers said to me on information day (after I asked him what the success/failure rate of students was). He said “The success rate is very high, but you must do the hard work, and you must enjoy it”.

At the moment I am theoretically enjoying it. Seeings as I haven’t even started yet.

But I am nervous. And a little scared.

Ahhhh.. It’s like going back to the first day of school. Eeeeekkk

(I should be used to it, seeings as I have been to a total of 10 schools during my whole 12year schooling life) LOL

Hmmmm.. It never gets any easier.

Signing off.
lol. x

One Comment Add yours

  1. Annalise says:


    I’ve been searching and searching the internet for reviews on TAFE’s Patisserie course. I’m curious to know what the list of supplies are? If you dont mind of course, my email is thegallowsbird@hotmail.com.

    It would be greatly appreciated!

    Kindest regards,


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