first week down.

So I survived my first week of college. HOORAY. It was awesome. I have already learnt so much in such a short amount of time. It’s still a little daunting though.

Nevertheless, this week we covered a lot of paper work like stuff.. Lesson plans, program guides, library orientation, meeting our lecturers and head chefs, touring through the hospitality building. All the formalities.

We also had our first practical lessons too..

Knife skills was first (naturally).. and I can safely say that I still have all of my fingers. To put it nicely, I was petrified of this lesson. New knives scare me. Especially ones I have never used before. They say that ‘blunt knives are more dangerous than sharp knives’. I disagreed, my knives at home are awesome, and I feel much more comfortable with those than my new Victornox ones. However, after spending a few hours learning precision cuts, I feel much more comforted. I slowly am mastering such cuts as a julliene, brunoise, paysanne, jardinere and macedoine. I took a photo of what I call an achievement – please excuse the terrible quality of photos, I took them on my phone (and I’m not too sure what the go is with the large grey block on some of these photos ?? ).

I also learnt how to make a cartouche and a piping bag out of greaseproof paper, along with food safety tips, bacterial growth rates and hygiene procedures. It was fascinating.

At the end of the week I also completed the art of making sandwiches. Thrilling. Oh and poaching fruit and constructing a fruit salad. Child play really but they are part of the training package, so they must be done. (As a bonus I did learn how to make homemade mayo in a KitchenAid, so that was new to me as I have only ever once done it in my food processor). Here was my finished sandwich – camembert cheese, salami, ham, spanish onion, capsicum and lettuce, with garlic mayo on a fresh baguette. It was delish.. And I got to eat it too.. WINNING!! Below is mine, and the second photo is an example of two other types of sandwiches made by one of my classmates.

So here are some key things I learnt this week:
– A chefs uniform is ridiculously hot and not very flattering. Also, whats with the checked pants? They look foul.
– The rate at which bacterial growth increases is quite disturbing
– I need to invest in some better knives for my kitchen at home.
– Bart should give me more massages! (*insert hint here*)
– I should invest in a proper wrist brace as my carpel tunnel is playing up something chronic and is quite painful – even to type.

So after a massive week, I can say that I am exhausted. I can also report that I am really looking forward to tomorrow – it’s a late start (YEEEOOOW) Sleep in city! Here I come!

I’ll write again, about this time next week, stay tuned.. If you would like to follow me on twitter for further more recent updates my twitter handle is @lollylovesfood. Check it out!

Peace Out Homies.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    oh, how exciting, i love that you are learning some much.


  2. janice says:

    Gr8 to c ur post. I am seriously considering doing the Cert 4 for 2014


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