Week 2 – let’s get into it.

Sorry for the late post guys, I’ve been hell busy.

Last week we got into some pastry making. It was rad. I think I have finally found my calling. I feel totally comfortable in a kitchen wearing my whites. I am more confident about this course and myself more than ever. It’s a nice change.

So, last week we managed to make an assortment of choux pastry. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s the pastry that eclairs and profiteroles are made out of. And you know what? I am pretty proud of my end result. I will be making some more at home this weekend and hopefully they work.. haha. We made various types like paris breast, eclairs, cream puffs (profiteroles) and petit swans – and filled them with assorted flavoured diplomat creams (a mixture of custard and cream).

choux pastrypiped choux pastry petit swan necksparis breastpastry in a oveneclairspastry petit swanprofiterolesI’m so proud ^^

Later on in the week we also made a hazelnut short pastry to make various quiches. Leek and goats cheese, florentine and a caramelized onion type from memory. They were delicious. Even Parker liked them 😀

hazelnit short pastryquiche
So, Things I learnt this week at college:
– Short pastry should be handled with love and care.
– If you eat too much diplomat cream you will feel incredibly ill.
– I should buy more piping nozzles as mine went mysteriously missing when making eclairs.
– I should also buy a roll of disposable piping bags as they seem like a great investment and are really handy.
– A clean chef is a good chef.
– Quiches were traditionally eaten on Friday due to Lent.
– Two good things come out of Switzerland – Gruyere and Chocolate! *quote

All in all, a productive week.

Stay Tuned Peeps.

Much Love.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Devvy says:

    Thanks for this! I went to the info session at my local TAFE for Patisserie Cert III today. I’m really hoping the timetable will fit into my life, and want it even more now seeing your blog!


    1. misslollylovesfood says:

      Hey There, sadly I haven’t blogged about it as much as I would have liked. CERT 3 has been amazing. So much learned and such amazing teachers


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