La Zuppa

With Winter fast approaching, slow cooked meals and soups are coming right back into fashion. I was lucky enough to sample an abundance of La Zuppa soups available at your local supermarket. Usually I bypass the canned soup section because I enjoy making my own, but now with me at college, studying and 2.year old, I can barely find the time.

There have been moments this past month, especially while Parker and I have been sick, where we have shared a soup. I sent Bart to work with a few as well.. so we definately haven’t gone hungry. I love quick meals.. and easy ones at that.. 2minutes in the microwave and viola! done.

If there’s one things I genuinely appreciate about these soups.. it’s their honesty.. For example.. when it comes to their Ribboltina – Tuscan Vegetable Soup their ingredient list reads: “vegetable stock (water, onion, carrot cauliflower), vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, water spinach, carrot, onion, sweet corn, pumpkin, capsicum) white beans, salt, sugar, tomato paste. This box contains one bowl of soup.” Most of La Zuppa soups are also 99% fat free, and depending on flavour gluten free and vegetarian. Bonus aye!!

La Zuppa soups are great, quick winter warmer meals on the go. I reccommend Spinach and Chickpea with a buttload of cracked pepper and some crusty bread. 🙂 Yum!!

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