Ruby Cafe, Paddington

It was my birthday last Thursday, and a few of my girlfriends rallied together and shouted me lunch at the Ruby Cafe in Paddington.

ruby cafeIt’s quite a cute and cosy little space – nicely decorated and very relaxing (mind you, we where there for late lunch service) + plenty of space to sit (next time I might sit by the bay window – the surburban view looked magnificent). The menu is simple and delicious.. Making it easy to pick items.. and not feel overwhelmed. You have the choice of menu items or delicious looking foccacia/panini sandwiches or cakes from the refrigerated cabinet.

ruby cafe cabinet ruby cafe Being a little chilly here in Brisbane, coffee was a-goer. Vanilla latte !! Hells to the yeah! And I was so pleased to find out that Rubys coffee was Vittoria too!! 🙂 Rubys also has a fantastic selection of mixed juices too that will be on my try list for next time.

ruby caferuby cafe coffeeruby cafe latteService was prompt with our coffees and we quickly ordered. We were starving. I ordered the slow roasted pork belly with colcannon with mini beets + watercress. I was hungry as I purposely didn’t eat morning tea or snack during the day in anticipation for our luncheon.

ruby cafe

My other girlfriends ordered a bowl of shoestring fries with aioli, confit duck leg, and a foccacia sandwich with a lentil side salad. I tasted the fries and they reminded me of the french fries I had in Paris.. super delicious – not too oily and not too salty.. just right 😀 The side salad that accompanied the foccacia was wicked, full of rocket and lentils mmm nom nom nom. I never got the chance to taste the duck leg, but it looked really moist and tasty.. But I was too immersed in my pork belly to taste it or to photograph it. Crispy, crunchy, salty crackling paired with beautifully tender pork flesh.. and a homely potato spinach colcannon *droooooooool*

ruby cafe shoestring friesruby cafe pork bellyOnce we were finished eating, we ordered another coffee, when the owner Bruce, surprised me with a piece of lemon cake with vanilla marscapone cream and strawberries – with sparklers for my birthday. How Sweet!!!

ruby cafe cakeIf you are in Paddington, make sure you stop by the Ruby Cafe.. I am super keen to try this breakfast menu I have been hearing about.

ruby cafe flowers

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Matthew says:

    That looks really great. i’ll have to try it.


  2. shellyb74 says:

    Looks awesome fabulous review, Ill definitely have to go try that one out next time im in town


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