Sardine Tin, Southbank

One of my bestest best friends in the world, Leana, had graced us with her presence recently. It had been a while since we had all been together just the four of us .. Lucy, Ditty, Myself and Leana. She has been travelling the world through festivals, South America, and living in Melbourne and before she left for Asia, and Europe, she came up to say hello.

Lunch was in order.

Multiple suggestions were given, including Cove, The Point and Denim Co, but thanks to Chef Stu, I managed to convince the girls that tapas was the go… at the Sardine Tin.. [ pop over to Stu’s twitter and say hi @chefstewy ] Thanks Stu.

I am glad he recommended this place.. It was sensational. One of the things I really love about eating out at the moment is noticing how they have chosen to decorate their venue, making it theirs, creating atmosphere and individuality. Sardine Tin oozes minimalistic rustic vibes – very simple, rustic and clean. You will notice that the menu is like this as well.
Lucy and Ditty ordered coffees, however Leana and I felt that celebrational drinks we in order. So instead of cappuccinos as our beverage choice, we ran with some Little Creatures Pale Ale.

The girls looked at the menu in awe, looked to me and asked me to order for them..  pressure was on. So I ran with a bunch of dishes that I knew we could all share and not feel too full on. Plus feed a bunch of picky girls.

Soon little plates of awesomeness filled our tiny table. Marinated green and black spanish olives, fried zucchini flowers with eggplant and smoked yoghurt dip, croquettes, arancini, warm artesian bread with a series of delicious dips and an incredible cheese platter with cornichons, rye crisps, apple, quince paste and salty hot bread. NOM NOM NOM

When we finished eating and gossiping we left with smiles on our faces, and really satisfied.. Next time you are down at Southbank and looking for some funky grub and a relaxing mellow atmosphere, pop into the Sardine Tin, I doubt you will be disappointed.. I am very keen to try their Wagyu cheek!

Let me know when you have tried Sardine Tin 😀 I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    that’s the prettiest looking cheese platter I think I’ve ever seen!


    1. It sure was delicious as it was pretty, we had to order more rye crisps though.. the cheese:bread ratio wasn’t right


  2. Looks really lovely. Will have to get down there 🙂


    1. Please do!! Try the Wagyu Cheek for me – it sounds delish


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