salt and szechuan pepper squid

So.. continuing on… For Fathers Day I decided to prepare my beloved a feast. As an entree … our favourite – oysters kilpatrick. For the main, I decided to take a stab (and a huge gamble) on making some salt and pepper squid.. but to spice things up a little I decided to omit the black pepper and swap it with some Shcezuan pepper instead. I’m daring like that! hahaha. Ahem… anyways… for those who have not experienced the flavour of Szechuan peppercorns before; they are unlike black or white peppercorns – Szechuan pepper has a really unique flavour – kind of floral, woody and earthy and amazing. PS.. Szechuan pepper is a berry, more related to the citrus family and not the peppercorn family.
– Special thanks to Chef Stu for giving me advice 🙂 You are awesome!

salt and szechuan pepper squidIngredients:
– 500g of fresh squid (cut into rectangle sized chunks with a pineapple score)
– 1/2 a cup of corn flour
– 1/2 a cup of self raising flour
– 4 tablespoons of szechuan peppercorns, ground
– 1 cup of egg whites, whisked until the mixture has become loose and somewhat foamy
– 1L peanut oil
– sea salt

1. Heat up your oil to approx. 180*C – this temperature can be seen when small-medium sized bubbles appear at the base of a wooden spoon when it is inserted into hot oil.
2. Meanwhile, sift your two flours together into a large dish/bowl. Add the pepper and stir through making sure that it is evenly combined.
3. Once you oil has become hot enough, dip a piece of squid into the egg white, coating it completely, allow it drain off, and toss it gently in flour, dust excess away and carefully place into hot oil – fry for up to 1minute or until just brown – I found any longer, and the squid became tough, rubbery and unpleasant to eat.
4. Remove immediately, drain on some paper towel and dust with sea salt. Repeat step 3, until you have no squid left – but be careful not to overcrowd your vessel as you could reduce the temperature of your oil, resulting in a soggy product – and that’s no fun.
5. Serve hot, with lime wasabi mayo, an asian salad and lime cheeks.

Serves 2+ a hungry baby
salt and szechuan pepper squidsalt and szechuan pepper squidsalt and szechuan pepper squidsalt and szechuan pepper squid

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  1. Nice recipe! Szechuan pepper is great and I love the numb feeling from it.. so many Western recipes can get a cool Asian twist using spices like that


    1. I know.. such an under rated and under used spice 😀


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